Monday, May 8, 2023


Walking with Josh and Lily through their adoption story and watching them become parents for the first time was such an honor. What I love so much about them, was their approach to adoption as learners. They truly were open-handed and open-hearted about what the Lord had for them and what that could look like. Watching them lean into understanding the true heartbeat of adoption was beautiful, and in that journey of understanding, they were chosen to love and care for their daughter her entire life. Watching them step into parenthood with love at the forefront for their daughter and her mom was so incredible to witness. I hope their story and words encourage you today. 

In Lily's words...

Since the very beginning, adoption was always part of the plan. 

Always a part, but a very distant part of our future that we didn’t think about all that often. On our second date, we talked about kids, and to our surprise, we both wanted to have four bio kids and adopt two later on in life to complete our family. But as with anything, we can plan, but ultimately it’s up to God. And in the end, His way is always much better than ours. A couple of years after getting married, we found out that we couldn’t have biological kids due to male factor infertility. It was tough. Some of the hardest moments in our life. Once we got to the other side of grief, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit that it was time to pursue our dream of growing our family through adoption now rather than later. 

Just a couple of years before this happened, I was on Instagram, and a couple I follow, Brian & Jenn Johnson, adopted their two little boys, and they partnered with CAC for their adoption journey. I felt it in my spirit that once we were ready to pursue this step, CAC would be the first place we called. And so we did. Right after we filled out our form, we got connected with Fallon. We were scared, nervous, and honestly just terrified to begin this process. But after the first call, Fallon calmed all our nerves, helped us work through our fears, and we were ready to move forward. If not for that one call, I don’t know if we’d be where we’re at today.